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JRU logo shair.png

I was tasked with creating a new brand identity system that reflects SHAIR's stand in tech and from that use it as a base for the new website, mobile app, marketing collaterals, social media, apparel and print media.

Brand ID


The Logo has been carefully chosen for its modern, refined, and highly legible style, which has been further enhanced by the use of uppercase letters. This lends power and authority to the Logo and is only interrupted by a lowercase green ‘i’ which speaks to the new and unconventional side of the brand.

shair iphone mock up.jpg
logo artchitecture.png
logo black bg.png
logo white bg.png

After several experiments with typography I finally landed on a modern san-serif  style typography that shared one crucial aspect with the logo; that is its perfect circles within the rounded letters. This aspect is the direct correlation between the perfect circle on top on the logo's lowercase bringing them closer into a cohesive look within this system.


I started by putting an extensive range of color variations to be tested internally for appeal. After several runs we landed on a three color system.

The accent color was always the main focus for SHAiR. Sharing cars vs purchasing one generates a greater impact in out environments, therefore choosing green for the accent color was the winning choice. 

Group 273.png

design for SHAIR at its infancy was focused on its message. so I decided to keep it simple and highly legible when it comes to branding physical and digital ads.

the logo will always be present in the bottom left or right of the ad and about 25% that the typography selected for copy.

billboard mockup.png
building wall add.png
indoor adds.png
bus stop add.png

A swag package was developed for the early adopter of our platform. 

I decided to rely on simplicity for continuity in the brand. 

shair beanie.png
key chain.png
02_View Front.png
landing pages

I worked closely with the marketing team in a series of campaigns dedicated to lead generation.

For this campaigns I created a series of contest landing pages that segmented the audiences based on the page users interacted with. Each experience was different and the we were able to A-B test customer retention based on content.

landing pages wire frames.png
landing page phone preview.png
Contest page – 1.png
phone landing page.png
contest landing page.png

Email customization was limited done through the constant contact native platform, so I created a serious of templates in adobe XD that could be exported and imported into constant contact as banner with individual and customized URLS for optimal tracking.

Web 1920 – 1.png
email 2.png

Using SMS 360 as our platform to buzz all of out costumer with sweet offers, I created a series of ads focused on conversions strategized by the team.

To make the adds more engaging I worked along side sms 360 creating an image with its own trackable url so we can analyze its performance with data.

sms phone.png
shair social.png

For its web presence I wanted rely on a simple modular layout as the base for design. I knew from the get go that the images of the cars were going to be the selling point for out brand, therefore a simpler modular approach to the website and app was implement to emphasize the imagery while staying on brand.

ui design
Web 1920 – 14.png
website shair.png


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